The Winter Drink Menu has been revealed just in time for snow! Inspired by rich and bold ingredients, bar manager Jared lane has created a cocktail menu introducing new, pronounced flavors of winter that are sure to warm you up. Fit for the novice and advanced imbiber, the chosen ingredients integrate in a way that speaks loudly of the dedication Lane and his team puts into these intricate drinks.

The tiki-style Midshipman uses a traditional house made almond orgeat with herbal, spiced notes from green chartreuse and Fernet Branca to put this cocktail high in the ranks of people’s choice.

A rich house made hazelnut milk and a sweet & spicy cinnamon chipotle syrup combined as a tequila-based flip named Don Juan. So nice, that for years you’ll be telling the story of how you and Don met.

A locally distilled High Wire Hat Trick gin makes a debut on our menu in a herbaceous revision of the classic Corpse Reviver. To cure your hangover, our Corpse Reviver #3 will do just that.

Because you couldn’t get enough, The Cramer remains a staple on this Winter’s menu. It’s a floral concoction of cognac, hibiscus syrup, and lemon.

And one more to get you thirsty, a favorite already, The Pony Express. Its smoky notes of mezcal are complimented by rye whiskey and a light-bodied fino sherry taking on a serious tone and a smooth sweetness to round it out.

Spring isn’t far away so ease your curiosities and come try one of our latest drinks while you can.