We thought if we unrolled our new Spring menus, Mother Nature would take a hint and start bringing us some warmer weather. If this doesn’t work then at least you will have new drinks to sip on while you wait. One of the most exciting sections of the drink menu is the “Antique Pharmacy Collection”. Joe has summoned his inner most chemist and has used old time ingredients that you would have found at the counter of your local pharmacy. He is using medicinal ingredients like cherry bark, cinchona bark, mineral salts, and gentian root. He is also using unique ways of souring drinks besides just using citrus, he is adding acids like lactart, acid phosphate, lactic acid, and tartaric acid. He has even rigged up a makeshift antique percolator Bill Nye would be proud of.

If you are in a bit more of a “baller” kind of mood, choose from the “Top Drawer” section of the menu. The Clincher takes a Last Word to the next step. The Really Old Fashioned is not just for your grandfather…it uses Pappy 20 year. For those of you who are getting a bit red faced that the Smoked Maple isn’t on the menu, don’t fret my dears, we can still stir you up one of those, as well as most if our previous cocktails that you have come to adore.

While you are going to need to try at least 3 or 4 new cocktails, ordering off the new food menu will sure make this chore a bit easier. The fresh crab dip mixed with a potato foam keeps it light yet satisfying, served with crispy salt and vinegar potato chips. Cole is also cooking up fish sticks fit for a king by layering fresh flounder around a tarragon mousse. And for dessert if you still haven’t had enough to drink, the Absinthe Colada Shake makes you feel like you are at the beach, with a pink flamingo straw to boot.

With the new menus in practice just in time for Charleston’s Wine and Food Festival, we expect to see you soon. Before you know it Summer will be here and you know what that means…another new menu to drink your way through.